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Why Hasn't the GOP Died Yet?

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Here's something to think about during the currently dragging on Federal Shutdown standoff.


Why hasn't the GOP died yet?

Seriously, how does a party this out of touch and with this bad a record of abject failure still get votes? Allow me to pose this answer:

The Democratic Party is the only thing Keeping the GOP Alive.

I know, I know, it sounds counterintuitive, but I swear this really is an important point about the situation we're stuck in. If you'll walk through this logic with me here:

They are on artificial life support, brought to you exclusively by the Democratic Party. That life support is in the form of mutually agreed to barring other parties from meanfully participating in American politics. There is one unified party with a left and right wing keeping them out.


What? The Dems and GOP working together!? How'd that happen?!

Well, first the GOP learned the hard way in 1992 when they allowed Ross Perot into the debates, and subsequently a sitting president who had just "won a war" in Desert Storm lost to Clinton. So they were like, fuck these third parties; it's their fault man, because of course it couldn't be the fact that they suck hard at governing. And the "opposition" Democratic Party was right on board with that, because they were then being taken over by corporate clintonites and the Neoliberals who are all about monopolizing power any chance they can get.


Together they wrenched the debates away from the league of women's voters, and literally set up a corporation to take over the events. When it comes to electoral rigging, there is one party of this corporation with a left and right wing working to take politics out of the public and privatize the entire thing from how it's funded to how it covered buy[sic] corporate media. Then they can gut social programs and deregulate Wall Street like Clinton did, because wtf are you going to do Poors/Gays/Ladies/POC? Vote for someone else? Lol, that's right you are going nowhere, because we've made sure the only game in town besides us is that disgusting racist sexist religious nut over there. Sit down, shut up.

This worked so well that by the time 2000 rolled around Ralph Nader was effectively kept out of the debates all together. Furthermore, these agreements not only killed issues third party candidates would have brought up, but any issue not previously agreed to by the Dem/GOP. Doesn't stop democrats from still blaming the loss on Nader even though that conspiracy theory was debunked over a decade ago. Facts don't stop partisan zombies from splurging the party's talking points, as I'm sure you've noticed.


Still don't see it? How about this example: It works so well that in this decade we saw the GOP's heritage foundation fraud plan response to hillary care, be implemented as Romneycare, and then relabeled as Obamacare and each side of the partisan divide base their straight faced vehement support or opposition are entirely due to who's name is in the title! Grown men and women do this, it's crazy but true!

If you call the Universal Healthcare Killing Law (The Insultingly titled Affordable Care Act, which is about as affordable and caring as the Patriot Act is patriotic.) written by the death profiteers forcing everyone to buy their Outrageously priced Insurance. Please note that insurance s not care. Call it Romneycare, or republican care, and Dems hate it/conservatives love it. Individual mandate bootstraps, yay!
But if you instead call Romneycare Obamacare the GOP will shut down the government and Democrats will weep with joy and delusionally call it universal healthcare.

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Complete cognitive dissonance. This level of blind obedience is funny at first, but really kind of scary if you think about it too much. Did anyone see that full length german film version of The Wave? It was pretty good, and it's on the Netflix. Anyways, you probably know the short film version or novel, and it reminds me of that.


What we're left with is a dogmatic minority of partisans usurping successful governance for WWF style political theatre. It is a selfish and shortsighted world view wherein Social needs are denigrated into "wedge issues", and the popular will of the people from gun control to a public healthcare option go entirely ignored. Yes corporations and industries wield incredible influence over Washington, but if we refuse to elect the candidates they fund, then they are well and truly fucked no matter how much money they have to burn. Unfortunately this minority of American partisans will not quit the intoxicating, and possibly addicting spectacle that literally grinds on at the cost of thousands of lives a year, every year.

From campaign finance regulation, to arresting third party candidates for attempting to participate in debates, the bipartisan corporate party continues to suppress American Democracy, and keep each party in a diametrically opposed and intractable monopoly that we can neither compel nor reform. The parties are fully aware that this is their lock (which to us is legislative gridlock) on power, a self-perpetuated balancing act of two senile dinosaurs play fighting on a tightrope. That tightrope is the only thing keeping them up, and it is their ability to keep other parties from threatening their status quo. Let's just go ahead and cut that rope, no need to bother hauling out a safety net either.


If one side of this equation stopped protecting the other, the barrier protecting the GOP would collapse. Third Parties would be allowed to compete, and these political monopolies would break apart naturally:

-The GOP would break into three or four parties: Business Conservatives, libertarians/Tea Party, and Christian Dominionists.


-The democrats could remain largely in tact, but if they did would be much closer to what Democrat means in the traditional sense. Corporate democrats and Blue Dogs would be driven out of the party, no longer having a worse evil opposition to be pitted against, and New Deal Democrats would regain control.

-A smaller amount of greens and socialists will break off, maybe a tech focused Pirate Party too, though in much smaller numbers, effectively counterbalancing the far right's fascist proposals, and pulling the dialogue left as they do right. Most importantly the dialogue would be about the issues, and not political theatre and no action EVER, as we see with gun control and climate change. So I say again:

The ONLY thing keeping the REPUBLICANS in power is the DEMOCRATIC PARTY.

It is up to the rank and file democrats to force their party to drop the barrier keeping out third parties. Does anyone want to bet money on this happening in the GOP? I certainly won't hold my breath. But through all the partisan squabbling and distraction, I think there are enough old school new deal social justice democrats left in the party to fix it. A lot of people will call this wishful thinking, and I guess the shoe fits. I'll admit my bias coming firm a working class pro dem background. But I'm putting it to you Dems, please take up the responsibility and make this cycle end. Make your party's part in electoral suppression stop, and we can finally get to work putting things right. Not just for us in America, but for an entire world hugely affected by this redundant cycle of violence and greed.

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