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DOMA: It's the End of an Injustice, but Not the Fight

ENDA of course is the next LGBT issue on the immediate agenda, but I urge us all to stop and take account of what we've done, what this last decade of progress has achieved. We should all feel incredibly proud, for every little act that has pushed these changes forward, every person who dared to come out, every conversation that reached out to help someone else understand, every step in every march from Stonewall in '69 to Act Up in the 80 & 90's, to California after Prop 8 passed. It all adds up. It all counts, and I hope we can remember these victories when taking steps in the future seems too hard, or the odds too greatly stacked against us.

But there is so much more to do, and I think we in the LGBT community have a responsibility to use what we've learned, the networks of activism that we have created, to help create equality anywhere, on any issue where injustice reigns. Today, some people got more rights, many others in less progressive states did not. Yesterday, the SCOTUS decision on the Voting Rights Act took rights away from even more of our fellow human beings.


And that's really what this is all about. It's not about fabulous 16 layer wedding cakes or honeymoons, but about basic human dignity. And I think a strength in our community is that we have felt that first hand; we have been made to feel dehumanized, and degraded.

And once you've felt like that you can't stand to see it being done to someone else. You can't bear to stand by and let it go on. Whether its a kid in Pakistan being killed by a drone, or a kid in Chicago's school getting shut down. Whether its a kid not getting basic necessities in Palestine, or a little boy being murdered at school by a bully in California. You just can't look away and pretend its not happening. You don't get a choice as to whether or not you feel it, you just do, the empathy is inescapable.


So let's realize our strength and share it. Lets learn from our victories and forge new ones. True Pride comes whenever we stand against injustice, be it economic, political, or hate fueled and violent.

  • Hunger in the 21st century is an injustice.
  • The Prison Industrial Complex is an injustice.
  • Endless War, and Profiteering from violence is an injustice.
  • Poverty is the most cruel, and an entirely preventable, injustice.
  • Sacrificing the lives of those dying from lack of medical care on an altar of Capitalist Fundamentalism is an injustice.

And finally, to all the haters:

God Bless the ACLU, God Bless every person who has risen to this challenge, and God Help anyone who is blind enough to stand in the way of Justice.

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